If you’ve decided to run your site on WordPress, congratulations — and welcome to the club! The WordPress platform powers more than 25 percent of the world’s most popular websites. That means you’re joining a global community of WordPress users that’s supported by thousands of developers continuously improving the platform with more features, better design, and stronger security.

A great WordPress site starts with great hosting.

Splintserver has long been a WordPress.com partner and hosts several WordPress sites. That makes getting started with WordPress on splintserver simple as can be. If you don’t yet have a web host, visit splintserver.com so we can get you one.

Video Lesson 1: Five Steps to a Great Site (Overview)

In this brief video, you’ll get a quick overview of these five steps for creating a WordPress site.

  1. Choose a theme. Themes determine the style and layout of your content.
  2. Update your Title and Tagline. This information will appear in your browser and display on Internet search engine results.
  3. Choose a blog or static page for your homepage. Decide if you want special content or a series of your blog posts on your homepage. You’ll also learn about templates to control the layouts of your page.
  4. Create a custom menu to help users navigate your site. If you don’t want to show every page on your site navigation, you’ll learn how to customize your menu.
  5. Activate social sharing buttons. Great content generates great word-of-mouth referrals. Make it easy for readers to share you content on social networks.

Video Lesson 2: Changing your Theme (Detailed)


Picking or changing a website theme can be daunting. Most themes have various ways to customize your fonts, colors, and overall look. There are many options and the settings can be deep, so this video goes deeper with you, showing you where to update or change settings.

For now, don’t spend too much time deciding on a theme. Just get started by doing. You can search for themes based on the type of site you’d like, such as portfolio, magazine, or business. You can also search for design features like minimalist, responsive (which adjusts to mobile screens), or one-page layouts.

You can also browse through all the themes and see what catches your eye. Do you like a large hero image at the top, or do you prefer to have your site title and an image gallery below? Not sure? Don’t worry, you can change your mind later. A big advantage of using WordPress is that it’s relatively easy to change your theme and get a new look across all the pages of your site.